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Product info 378 Olga painter - Artist Clemente_Bornacelli
378 Olga  painter - Artist Clemente_Bornacelli
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Product name 378 Olga painter - Artist Clemente_Bornacelli
Product number 378

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Artist Member in Art Danish Art & Gallery
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Wherever he goes, Bornacelli instinctively incorporates these influences into his previous work and new styles emerge.

Art admirers of all ages and cultures are captivated by the global appeal of Bornacelli's work. They have helped spread the word collector to collector resulting in nearly 1,200 pieces currently residing around the world in major cities such as Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Sydney, AUSTRALIA; Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver, CANADA; Santiago, CHILE; Bogot�Cartagena, COLOMBIA; San Jose, COSTA RICA; London, ENGLAND; Santa Domingo, EQUADOR; Paris, Strasbourg, FRANCE; Athens, GREECE; Tehran, IRAN; Jerusalem, ISRAEL; Milan, ITALY; Tokyo, JAPAN; Mexico City, MEXICO; Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS, Panama City, PANAMA; Manila, PHILIPPINES; Lisbon, PORTUGAL; Moscow, RUSSIA; Barcelona, SPAIN; Caracas, VENEZUELA; as well as every major city in the UNITED STATES.

Bornacelli divides his time between, Europe, Asia and the Americas, depending on the season

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If you have any questions feel free to call phone: 004546406979 The ArtDanish founder / Fondateur, Artist Inge Marie Jensen, Vadsbyvej 16, 2640 Hedehusene, København, Denmark, mail.:

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