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Varekort Art Danish El Matador painter Artist Clemente Bornacelli
Bedømmelse for El Matador painter Artist Clemente Bornacelli
Bedømmelse: 4.67 ud af 5 baseret på 3 stemmer
Throughout centuries of artisans, it is a rare talent who captures life experiences that span countries, cultures, emotions, media, space, and time. Clemente Bornacelli is considered such a talent. He responds to a vision from within to create diverse images using virtually any tool or style he can manipulate - then creates works of art that capture the imagination. That inspire emotion. That become a part of history.


Music is found at the core of all Bornacelli's work. Characters that portray personalities and forms are the working foundation that give the paintings life; as they inhale, the canvas exhales into what is a profoundly intimate experience for the viewer. As figurative statues or geometric forms, these characters move with puppet-like affects through environments that resemble a circus. They evolve into delicate mobiles, as Bornacelli sees his work as a floating parade of these subjects. Depending on the composition of the music he hears at the time a new collection is born, Bornacelli presents the characters in his own theatre that inspires us to see the world and our own lives differently. It has been said that his work is more than paint on canvas; it is a sense of who you are and what you value, with imagination always taking center stage.


Self-taught in art from the earliest age, Bornacelli developed his own style without any formal instruction rather than studying the Masters or techniques in art class. During more than 10 years of experimentation, he absorbed everything from basic doodles to the Cubists figurative abstracts, and developed these with more complex compositions and perspectives. Bornacelli deeply respects the work of many of the pioneers of modern art, especially Saul Steinberg, for his simplistic style and doodles. He also admires Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst, Juan Gris and Salvador Dali; looking to them not for inspiration or style but for the role each played in developing classic art genres that Bornacelli expands upon today.

It is difficult to look back and imagine that a child's doodles would grow more increasingly intricate and eventually lead to the sketches and the complex imagery Bornacelli is known for today. His pieces are recognizable by their expansive sizes of meaningful space (many more than 12' x 10'), lively color, and celebratory expression. Recent collections feature a more subdued palette and study the intensity of light and shadow, while using perspective to draw the figures and viewers into an animated journey of form, line, and composition. This combination often elicits profound visual, auditory, and kinesthetic reactions from viewers - a Bornacelli is truly a full-sensory experience.

Bornacelli frequently works with International philanthropic organizations, auctioning paintings or hosting art shows to specially benefit a variety of Childrens Organizations. As such, he has donated works to Museums and Corporations to be sold at auctions in different countries in support of this interest which lies close to his heart. Becoming independent at an early age, Bornacelli became a child of the world. Since then, Bornacelli has taken inspiration from a myriad of sources and people throughout his journey. By donating work to this important cause, Bornacelli not only pays back to the world communities of yesterday, but also pays it forward to the children of today: the future generation.


Bornacelli describes himself as both artist and traveler, having lived throughout the world - from the Mediterranean, Europe, North America ,South America and Asia, with stints in cities and on beaches along the way. In lieu of traditional art training, Bornacelli's lifestyle has become his method. He immerses himself in each area's culture, people, surroundings, and local art. As a result, his inspiration has come from the unusual beauty of everything and anything that has life form.

El Matador painter  Artist Clemente Bornacelli

Varenavn Art Danish El Matador painter Artist Clemente Bornacelli
Varenummer Art Danish 360
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Wherever he goes, Bornacelli instinctively incorporates these influences into his previous work and new styles emerge.

Art admirers of all ages and cultures are captivated by the global appeal of Bornacelli's work. They have helped spread the word collector to collector resulting in nearly 1,200 pieces currently residing around the world in major cities such as Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Sydney, AUSTRALIA; Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver, CANADA; Santiago, CHILE; Bogot�Cartagena, COLOMBIA; San Jose, COSTA RICA; London, ENGLAND; Santa Domingo, EQUADOR; Paris, Strasbourg, FRANCE; Athens, GREECE; Tehran, IRAN; Jerusalem, ISRAEL; Milan, ITALY; Tokyo, JAPAN; Mexico City, MEXICO; Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS, Panama City, PANAMA; Manila, PHILIPPINES; Lisbon, PORTUGAL; Moscow, RUSSIA; Barcelona, SPAIN; Caracas, VENEZUELA; as well as every major city in the UNITED STATES.

Bornacelli divides his time between, Europe, Asia and the Americas, depending on the seasons...

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